Parent With the Heart of Christ

Innocence Nurtures Hope All parents want what is best for their children. The best way to give them what is truly best is to parent with the heart of Christ. What does this mean? God is calling you to help your children effectively live a fully human life. This is a huge job – one that will require time, attention and plenty of self-sacrifice. Your role as the primary educator in your family is so crucial that scarcely anyone or anything can make up for it if you fail. You are the first and most important teacher for your children. Never forget that it is the task of you and your entire family to serve the life of each of its members.

The information on this website will encourage you to parent with the goal of forming your children's character in virtue. It will show you which parenting style is best for reaching this goal and offer you specific strategies for parenting at each stage of a child's life. Thank you for embracing parenthood and helping your family become an intimate community of life and love.

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